4th International Conference
Plagiarism across Europe
and Beyond 2018

9th-11th May 2018
Ephesus, Turkey

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‘Fostering academic integrity through consistent and transparent approaches’

Conference in 2017

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Conference Programme

Wednesday 24th May 2017
Room 1: Opening and keynote presentations
Session chair: Tomas Foltynek
9:009:10Tomáš FoltýnekMendel University in Brno - head of the conference organization committeeOpening speech
9:109:15Samuel Antwi DarkwahVice Rector of Mendel University in BrnoWelcome speech
9:159:20Villano QiriaziHead of the Education Policy Division, DGII-Democracy, Council of EuropeWelcome speech
9:209:25Robert PlagaDeputy Minister of Education, youth and sports of the Czech RepublicGreeting
9:3010:20Tracey BretagUniversity of South Australia, AustraliaEvidence-based responses to contract cheating
10:2011:00Tomáš FoltýnekMendel University in BrnoEuropean Network for Academic Integrity
11:0011:30Coffee break
Room 1: Keynote presentations
Session chair: Teddi Fishman
11:3012:20Jeffrey BeallUniversity of Colorado Denver's Auraria LibraryPlagiarism is Everywhere: Detecting and Reporting Plagiarism in Predatory Journals and Other Publications
12:2012:40Goa BorrekTurnitinTurnitin: a Journey in academic integrity
12:4013:00James BennettUrkundAccepting the Unacceptable: Why Percentages are not your Friend
Room 1: Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
Session chair: Shiva Sivasubramaniam
14:0014:20Anna MichalskaCoventry University, United KingdomPlagiarism? I know a definition, but I don’t know what it means…
14:2014:40Inga GaizauskaiteMykolas Romeris university, LithuaniaSources of (un)ethical behaviour of students
14:4015:00Erik BorgCoventry University, United KingdomIntertextuality reconsidered
15:0015:20Petra Hauptfeld-Goellner, Natascha MiljkovicAgency "Zitier-Weise", AustriaTo whom belongs the idea? Discussing plagiarism at universities from the perspective of ownership
15:2015:40Kate RowbothamSmith School of Business, CanadaMaking Sense of Prosocial Explanations for Violations of Academic Integrity
15:4016:00Marco CosentinoUniversity of Insubria, ItalyHonorary authors and unwitting: personal experience with a journal from a publisher included in the Beall's list of predatory publishers
Room 4: Internationalisation, student mobility and academic integrity
Session chair: Debora Weber-Wulff
14:0014:20Eckhard BurkatzkiTechnical University (TU) Dresden - International Institute Zittau, GermanyCultural differences regarding expected utilities and costs of plagiarism – a comparison of high-trust and low-trust student samples
14:2014:40Amanda McKenzie, Jo HinchliffeUniversity of Waterloo;Simon Fraser University, CanadaIntegrity Insights From India
14:4015:00Stephen GowUniversity of York, United KingdomExploring academic integrity through the lens of critical theory: Mainland Chinese students’ epistemological adaptation to studying on UK Master’s programmes
15:0015:20Bob IvesUniversity of Nevada, Reno, USAPredictors of Academic Dishonesty: A Meta-analysis
15:2015:40Bob IvesUniversity of Nevada, Reno, USAPatterns and Predictors of Academic Dishonesty in Romania and Moldova
15:4016:00Muhammad SoroyaPunjab Higher Education Commission, PakistanStatus of Academic Integrity in Pakistan: An Overview
Room 6: Sponsors' workshops
14:0015:00Gill RowellTurnitinWorkshop: What does academic integrity mean to me? Views from the the real word
15:0016:00Rachel CrookesEpigeumWorkshop: Teaching academic integrity online: Using e-learning to educate students and support staff
Room 7: Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
14:0015:00Evangeline MourelatosDeree - The American College of Greece, Greece Workshop: Tackling the Tariff: Aligning Best Practices and Aiming for Equity
15:0016:00Ansgar Schäfer, Dita Dlabolova, Loreta TauginieneUniversity of Konstanz, Mendel University in Brno, Mykolas Romeris University Workshop: European Network for Academic Integrity - project outputs
16:0016:30Coffee break
Room 1: Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
Session chair: Inga Gazauskaite
16:3016:50Andrzej KurkiewiczMinistry of Science and Higher Education, PolandAcademic Integrity and plagiarism in Poland
16:5017:10Andrei RostovtsevIITP RAS, RussiaPlagiarism in the dissertations and scientific publications in Russia
17:1017:30Ines Friss de KerekiUniversidad ORT Uruguay, UruguayDetecting academic misconduct in introductory computer science courses
Room 4: Innovation in use of e-tools and technologies for addressing plagiarism
Session chair: Milan Ojsteršek
16:3016:50Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, Amanda McKenzieRenison University College, University of Waterloo, CanadaFoundation for Academic Success: Academic Integrity
16:5017:10Julius KravjarCVTI SR, SlovakiaPan-European Repository of Theses and Dissertations and Pan-European Plagiarism Detection
17:1017:30Michal ĎuračíkUniversity of Žilina, SlovakiaUsing concepts of text based plagiarism detection in source code plagiarism analysis
Room 6: Contract cheating including ghost-writing and essay mills
16:3017:30Rui Sousa-SilvaUniversity of Porto, Portugal Workshop: Detecting plagiarism and contract cheating: new academic integrity challenges
Room 7: Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
16:3017:30Christopher HaycockCoventry Univerity, United Kingdom Workshop: Using a structured and robust method of enquiry in the investigation of academic dishonesty.
19:3023:00Conference dinner in VIDA! Science center
Thursday 25th May 2017
Room 1: Keynote presentations
Session chair: Villano Qiriazi
9:009:50Calin RusIntercultural Institute of TimisoaraCompetences for Democratic Culture a reference and a tool for promoting academic integrity
9:5010:40Phil NewtonSwansea University, UKPouring ALE on contract cheating. Recent developments in strategies to tackle ghostwriting and Essay Mills using Assessment design, Legal approaches and stakeholder Education
10:4011:20Ali Tahmazov, Cristina CostiniucStrikePlagiarismRole of politics in academic plagiarism
11:0011:30Coffee break + Poster session
Room 1: National and local responses to plagiarism
Session chair: Thomas Lancaster
11:3011:50Irene GlendinningCoventry University, United KingdomExploring Issues Challenging Academic Integrity in South East Europe
11:5012:10Gábor KirályBudapest Business School, HungaryParallel Universes: Cheating at the University. Comparing lecturers’ and students’ understanding of student cheating
12:1012:30Salim RazıCanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, TurkeyInvestigating policies for plagiarism and academic integrity: The case of Turkey
12:3012:50Jonathan KaslerTel Hai College, IsraelAcademic integrity in higher education: The case of a medium-size college in the Galilee, Israel
Working papers presentation and discussion
12:5013:10Emilia SercanUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaWorking paper: Plagiarism in Ph.D. theses. A case study of military universities in Romania
13:1013:30Chloe WalkerUniversity of Oxford, United KingdomWorking paper: Nairobi Shadow Academy: A Study of Contract Cheaters (Academic Writers) in Kenya
Room 4: Contract cheating including ghost-writing and essay mills
11:3012:30Michael DraperSwansea University, United KingdomWorkshop: Legal approaches to tackling Essay Mills and ‘Contract Cheating’
12:3013:30Brian SchumacherUniversity of ReginaWorkshop: Three strikes and out
Room 5:Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
11:3012:30Alexandra PittMiddlesex University, United KingdomWorkshop: Divergent Thinking, Diverse Practices, and Unified Integrity
Innovation in use of e-tools and technologies for addressing plagiarism
12:3013:30Amanda McKenzieUniversity of Waterloo, CanadaWorkshop: Foundation for Academic Success
14:3023:00Sightseeing trip to Slavkov and wine cellar
Friday 26th May 2017
Room 1: Contract cheating including ghost-writing and essay mills
Session chair: Salim Razi
9:009:20Thomas LancasterStaffordshire University, United KingdomRethinking Assessment By Examination In The Age Of Contract Cheating
9:209:40Trudy SomersNorthcentral University, USAContract cheating: A consideration of social learning, organizational citizenship and global dimensions
9:4010:00Wendy Sutherland-SmithDeakin University, AustraliaContract cheating: What do student advocates think?
10:0010:20Veronika KrálíkováMendel University in Brno, Czech RepublicAnalysis of Ghostwriting market in Czechia
10:2010:40Patrick JuolaDuquesne University, USADetecting Contract Cheating via Stylometric Methods
Room 4: Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
Session chair: Laura Ribeiro
9:009:20Irene GlendinningCoventry University, United KingdomScorecard for Academic Integrity Development: Benchmarks and evaluation of institutional strategies
9:209:40Loreta TauginieneMykolas Romeris University, LithuaniaComprehensive framework for fostering responsible research: Lithuania
9:4010:00Daniel JakubíkMasaryk University, Czech RepublicInstitutional Repository Driven by Access Rights as a Part of Plagiarism Detection Systems
10:0010:20Milan OjsteršekUniversity of Maribor, SloveniaThe organisational and technical aspects of establishing plagiarism detection processes in the Slovenian open access infrastructure
10:2010:40Christopher RieberStockholm School of Economics in Riga, LatviaUsing Electronic Plagiarism Tools to Teach University Students to Avoid Plagiarism
Room 5: Innovation in use of e-tools and technologies for addressing plagiarism
9:0010:00Ali Tahmazov, Oleksandr StriametsPlagiat.pl, UkraineWorkshop: Сhallenges met at former USSR countries in combat of academic plagiarism
10:0011:00Patrick HiltSwiss Academic Software, GermanyWorkshop: How reference management programs can help to reduce plagiarism by mistake
11:0011:30Coffee break
Room 1: Discussion panel: Strategies for addressing contract cheating
Session chair: Tracey Bretag
11:3012:30Participants:Phil Newton - Swansea University
Thomas Lancaster - Staffordshire University
Chloe Walker - Oxford University
Shiva Sivasubramaniam- Nottingham Trent University
Room 1: Closing and keynote presentations
Session chair: Tracey Bretag
12:3013:20Teddi FishmanFormer Director, ICAI, USAExperiential Learning, Authenticity, and Improvisation in the Service of Academic Integrity
13:2013:25Salim RazıCanakkale Onsekiz Mart University,TurkeyInvitation to Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2018
13:2513:30Tomáš FoltýnekMendel University in Brno, Czech RepublicClosing speech
16:0018:00Brno city sightseeing tour